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binary compatibility with Debian...

Let me explain briefly the issue I've run into:

1. I build a  really `short` application under Fedora or Mandrake disto(s):
int main()
    return 0;

On both above platforms,  it is build with command:
g++ -g  -O0  -m32  test2.cpp,

where test2.cpp  is a file with above mentioned code.

2. I move the binary output  - a.out - to my Debian box.
Attempt to execute it  is immediately failing with
`Floating point exception`.

3.  Building above code on Debian and executing:
no problem - it is doing nothing, but not crashing...

4. moving the binary, build on Debian to Fedora and/or Mandriva-
 and running it  - no problem, doing nothing, not crashing.

I would really appreciate any idea how to explain such behavior, and,
possibly, an advice what should be done in order to share binary,
build on Fedora/Mandriva with  Debian.

Thanks for you kind attention to this matter.

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