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Bug#484589: gcc-4.3-source: Too hard to build multiarch/multilib compilers from patched source

Package: gcc-4.3-source
Version: 4.3.0-5
Severity: wishlist

With a patched version of gcc-4.3 from the gcc-4.3-source package, I had a 
very hard time figuring out how to build the compiler for amd64 to 
support -m64/-m32 and build all the appropriate libraries.  From what I've 
figured out, I need to set TARGET64_MACHINE and TARGET32_MACHINE to 
appropriate values, and set biarch_multidir_names to a list including at 
least libgcc; and I might still have missed other things.  It would make my 
life much easier if I could just pass a flag something like --enable-multilib 
to the configure call and it would handle all that automatically.
Daniel Schepler

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