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Re: How to pass build the code in Satux with GLIBC2.3??

	Hello there!

Am Montag, den 14.04.2008, 16:08 +0800 schrieb Janet Hsieh 謝清茹:
> I want to build my program “luvcview” in Satux 1.5 platform but meet
> some GLIBC supporting problem as below; therefore I can not run and
> make my program in Xatux 1.5.

 I am a bit puzzled why you send this to debian-gcc and debian-www? In
what way do you see Debian related to satux or xatux? I was able to find
the satux webpage, unfortunately I don't speak Brazilian nor Portuguese
(or am truly aware wether there is a distinction between those too) but
haven't found a quick hint on that it might be related to Debian?

 I can't say much about xatux because its website is down (if that would
refer to xatux.de).

> (1) #./luvcview 
> So I search the newest GLIBC package in your web site, it seems only
> support to GLIBC 2.3.
> http://packages.debian.org/stable/libs/libgcc4

 I wonder, if you have found that page, there is
http://packages.debian.org/luvcview not far from that, and as you can
see, it's not included in a Debian stable release. If you really want to
use Debian packages you are strongly encouraged to use Debian directly.
If you use a distribution that is based on Debian, do *not* pull in
packgaes from Debian, it will become pretty tricky to work on that
system then and most of the time questions like yours arise which aren't
supported by neither Debian nor any of its children distributions (or if
they do, they should be able to give you a helping hand).

> Do you have any suggestion to pass build the code in Satux with
> GLIBC2.3??

 As Debian has nothing to do with Satux you are wrong on our mailing
lists. Please notice further that debian-www is about maintaining the
website and is not a general list for all questions. If you believe that
it's really Debian related please feel redirected to

 Hope that helps you get a big unconfused,

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