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Bug#466948: gfortran-4.3: miscompiled code with -O2 on ia64

Package: gfortran-4.3
Version: 4.3-20080202-1
Severity: normal

Hi Matthias,

sorry to pester you with yet another one of these!  I'll just make this
one a brief placeholder, so that the issue has a Debian bug number and
so that I remember to report it upstream later.

There is apparently an additional miscompilation of CERNLIB code, either
in the library or the test suite, on ia64 with gfortran-4.3 at
optimization level -O2 or higher.  (Oddly, compiling with -O2
-funroll-loops does not expose the problem, which is why it wasn't
noticed earlier.)

Anyway, the problem can be seen at the build log for CERNLIB
2006.dfsg.2-10, see [1] and search in the log for the text
"Routine TTLPAC" about 60% of the way down.  I've verified that this
occurs on ia64 with gfortran-4.3 versions 4.3-20080202-1 and 4.3-20080219-1.


I'll try to create another self-contained test for this problem when I
send all these gfortran bug reports to upstream.

best regards,

Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty@gmail.com>
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