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Bug#458745: arm-only miscompilation of alloca code

On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 17:44 -0500, Camm Maguire wrote:
> Greetings!
> Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:
> > * Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com> [2008-01-02 16:55]:
> > > Is EABI the old arm, or the new?  Couldn't this make a difference?
> > 
> > I can reproduce the problem with the old ABI (i.e. the current port in
> > Debian).  I'll open a bug report with GCC.
> Thank you!
> Are we going to have two arm ports, or is the old one going away for
> lenny? 

There are a lot of devices that need support from the existing Debian
arm port as well as newer devices that need the new ABI. There is a
possible method for combining the two but both will be needed - and
probably for some time after Lenny. Contact debian-arm for more info.


Neil Williams

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