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Bug#440489: Provides of gcc-4.2

> Package: gcc-doc
> Version: 4:4.1.1.nf3
> Hi
> gcc-4.2 /suggests/ gcc-4.2-doc, but does not /provide/ that package.

nikita@blacky:~> LANG=C apt-cache policy gcc-4.2
  Installed: (none)
  Candidate: 4.2.1-4
  Version table:
     4.2.1-5 0
        600 http://blacky unstable/main Packages
     4.2.1-4 0
        620 http://blacky testing/main Packages
nikita@blacky:~> apt-cache show gcc-4.2-doc | egrep 'Source|Section'
Section: doc
Source: gcc-4.2
Section: doc
Source: gcc-4.2

So gcc-4.2-doc is really built from gcc-4.2 source.

Short before etch, there was all that story about removing FDL docs from 
main. And it very looked like etch was going to be released without gcc 
documentation even in non-free. Because availability of compiler 
documentation is very important for my personal workflow, I've created 
gcc-4.1-doc-non-dfsg [non-free] and gcc-doc-defaults [contrib] packages, 
that provided the documentation.

Currently, gcc-4.2-doc *is* in main. Does this mean that FDL paranoia has 
gone to past, or gcc-4.2-doc is in main just in error - I don't know. But 
depending on this, either non-free and contrib packages should be updated, 
or gcc-doc should be provided by gcc-defaults (as it was some time ago).

Matthias, could you please comment on this?


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