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Re: gdc: statically built in libphobos library makes dynamic binaries big

Hi Arthur,

On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 10:08:11PM +0200, Arthur Loiret:
> > today i found out that the main libgphobos library is built into
> > every compiled program which makes even the smallest "hello
> > world" printing program ~150kb big at my i386 computer because libphobos is
> > statically built into the compiled program.
> Right, this is a problem and I've already contacted upstream about
> make libgphobos a shared lib.

oh, that is so nice. i was honestly thinking one of you
would perhaps never reply to my mail.
so i am totally happy that you did. you rule, this is REALLY
nice so soon!!

> > d is very beautiful [ IMO ]  but it's a pity to always have
> > big dynamically compiled programs that way.
> >
> > i found this link how to dynamically have a libgphobos
> > library:
> > http://www.digitalmars.com/webnews/newsgroups.php?art_group=digitalmars.D&article_id=43626
> >
> > Perhaps this could be adapted for the debian gdc package or
> > as an option for a specific debian package for gdc?
> I'm going to try this and see, thanks.

that would be awesome!!!!!
        thanks a lot for considering and taking care.

                        Maddi with best wishes from

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