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gcc-defaults 1.55 fails to revert to gnat-4.1

The recent upload of gcc-defaults introduces gnat (= 4.2.0-1) which is
wrong for two reasons:

- I do not want to make gnat-4.2 the default yet; neither in unstable
  nor in experimental.

- The gnat package should not have a minor version number, because it
  might get out of sync with the version number of gnat-4.2, which
  itself doesn't have a minor version number anyway.  So in the future
  I'll just want gnat (= 4.2-1) depending on gnat-4.2, and for the
  present I'm keeping the existing version number, gnat (= 4.1.2-x).

I am wondering if today's upload uses the change I made to that effect
in the Subversion repository (revision 2154).

I am glad the upload was rejected; for the next upload please consider
updating from Subversion.

Ludovic Brenta.

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