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Re: reverted ssp/ffi/gomp changes

Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:
> sorry, I reverted these changes from r2167; gcj did fail to build,
> because the gcj build gets configured with --disable-libffi.

Well the problem then is at rules.defs:753, where gcj explicitly
disables libffi by setting "with_libffi := no".

> there is
> a distinction of building the compiler with this support, and building
> packages from it. If you think the savings in not building these while
> building gnat are worth it, you should do something like is done as
> wist_ssp / with_libspp.

Yes, maybe, but could you please explain the distinction?  With SSP,
we do change the compiler flags (i.e. we forcibly remove any
-fno-stack-protector) but I cannot see an equivalent for FFI.  As far
as I understand, libffi is just a library and does not involve
compiler flags.  Am I wrong?

It would be nice to document these things, too, like the difference
between with_ssp and with_libssp and whether they are orthogonal (I
suspect they're not; I think with_libssp probably requires with_ssp).

The reason for my changes was not only build time, but also to make
the build less "astonishing".  I don't mind building SSP or FFI if I
have to, but I'd like to know why :)

Ludovic Brenta.

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