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Bug#431014: Why won't you ship /usr/bin/gcc-snapshot?

* Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> [2007-06-28 23:49]:
> README.Debian says:
> | You might also like to use a shell script to wrap up this
> | funcationality, e.g.
> | place in /usr/local/bin/gcc-snapshot and chmod +x it
> but I see no reason why it couldn't simply be shipped in the package
> outright.  It's not like it invades anyone's namespace, etc.  It would be
> also consistent with all other gcc packages, all having the executable named
> the same as the package.  At least after having tested my stuff with gcc-4.2
> in the past, I didn't even suspect gcc-snapshot could be any different until
> ./configure failed :p   I know, it's like driving by memory, but in most
> cases like this meeting people's assumptions is nice.
> There's little reason to force people to some cut&paste work just to use
> this package...

doko, what do you think about this?
Martin Michlmayr

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