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Bug#429385: This is Relevant

On Monday 18 June 2007, Falk Hueffner wrote:
> David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> writes:
> > Package author posts:
> >> Better compile using G++-4.0. 4.1 fails with an internal compiler
> >> error compiling ToneStack.cc. I filed a bug for the debian G++-4.1
> >> as instructed.  G++-4.0 compiles fine.
> >
> > Just edit the makefile and swap "-O3" with "-O2" in the OPTS
> > section.  The FSF doesnt seem to be kidding when they say -O2 is the
> > only tested optimisation level for GCC.
> This is bullshit. The FSF does not say anything about things like
> this, because they are not directly involved in gcc development.
> > Released software should be compiled with "-O2" IMHO.
> This is true, though, since the Debian policy mandates it, unless
> there's a good reason not to (e.g., it has been found to give a
> significant performance advantage to use -O3).

Would love to. Someone playing with same compile tried -o6!
However, as I posted, -o3 would compile with G++4.0 but not with G++4.1, thus 
this bug.

(Meanwhile, am I better off with the -o3 4.0 compile or with the -o2 4.1 
compile? )

BTW, others reported various but related problems with 64-bit compiles. 
Reported on Linux Audio User's List linux-audio-user@lists.linuxaudio.org. I 
would assume their site has an archive where the whole thread could be 
viewed. I will forward this response to this list as well.

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