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[Bug tree-optimization/30052] [4.2 Regression] possible quadratic behaviour.

------- Comment #34 from rguenther at suse dot de  2007-06-11 13:07 -------
Subject: Re:  [4.2 Regression] possible quadratic

On Mon, 11 Jun 2007, pluto at agmk dot net wrote:

> ------- Comment #33 from pluto at agmk dot net  2007-06-11 13:04 -------
> i'm reopening this bug becasue the fix is not complete.
> it does fix the xf86ScanPci.i testcase (time/mem hog) and this is great
> $ time gcc xf86ScanPci.i -O1 -c  ( 2.2GHz amd64, 1GB ram ).
> gcc xf86ScanPci.i -O1 -c  4.10s user 0.20s system 92% cpu 4.665 total
> the patch doesn't fix the sipQtCorepart0.ii time hog, only mem hog is fixed.
> g++ needs about 300MB of ram and +inf? (canceled after 6 days) of time.

Can you check where the time is spent on?




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