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Bug#402971: More on the bug

I figure out a few things about this bug. Either cstdlib is wrong or
the /usr/include/pthread.h from pthread-dev is wrong.

Both /usr/include/c++/4.1.2/cstdlib (line 99) and
/usr/include/c++/3.4/cstdlib (line 80) have the following macro:

#undef system

Whereas the header /usr/include/pthread.h that comes with libpthread-dev
(notice that the one that comes with glibc works fine) has the following
macro at line 521:

#define system     __pthread_system

The system macro is undefined by the cstdlib header and that's what ends
up giving us that error

error: '::system' has not been declared

Clearly the definition that should be used was the one that has the
following prototype:

int __pthread_system(const char *);

In the case of the glibc version of the pthread.h header is used, then
the prototype on /usr/include/stdlib.h ends up being used.

The way I see it there are two solutions for the bug:
1. Removing the line

#undef system

from cstdlib

2. Changing /usr/include/pthread.h so, instead of having a macro like

#define system     __pthread_system

we could have a function definition like

int system(const char *s) { return __pthread_system(s); }

I think the first solution is the best one.

PS: Sorry about the post using yahoo mail, it really does suck :(.

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