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Bug#383251: g++-4.1: FTBFS for RQuantLib on i386/testing

On 26 September 2006 at 11:34, John Schmidt wrote:
| To follow-up on my experiences with g++-4.1 code and extremely slow link 
| times, I did a chroot and pulled in old versions of g++-4.1 and binutils from 
| snapshot.debian.net to build my big c++ application.
| Here is a table with the following results:
| Date            g++-4.1         binutils                			Status
| 4-30-06         4.1.0-1+b1      2.16.1cvs20060413-1       fast link
| 5-30-06         4.1.0-4         2.16.1cvs20060413-1           fast link
| 5-30-06         4.1.0-4         2.17-1                              slow link
| 6-30-06         4.1.1-5         2.16.1cvs20060413-1     	fast link
| 6-30-06         4.1.1-5         2.17-1                  		   slow link
| The date column is for the day used to pull in g++-4.1 and binutils with the 
| the version shown in the other columns.  The fast link represents something 
| on the order of several seconds, whereas slow link represents on the order of 
| 15 minutes.
| It is clear that the problem with slow linking comes from binutils version 
| 2.17-1 (and greater) and not g++-4.1.  There is a current binutils bug 
| report -- bug 3111 that seems to correlate with my experiences and Dirk's.
| I will follow-up with binutils folks on this problem.  
| Dirk -- could you try and see if downgrading binutils to something less than 
| 2.17-1 restores saner link times?

Nice work, and I can surely try this. Now, I don't see a recent non-2.17
version of binutils anywhere in .deb form for i386. Before I go off an
rebuild, could you place your version somewhere where I can fetch it from?


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