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Bug#387222: gfortran-4.1: internal compiler error: gfc_trans_deferred_array

Matthias Klose wrote:
> this patch is applied in the package.

mhh, I obtain this error with gfortran-4.1 (version 4.1.1-13) from debian
testing. Indeed the line number in the gfortran source code is different from
the patch I found on the web. So, if I understand you correctly, it is just a
coincidence that this error occurs during the compilation of the same package
("tonto") and the "internal compiler error" is in the same file of the gfortran
source code ("trans-array.c").

With the latest gcc-snapshot (version 20060912-1) from debian unstable, the
compilation of tonto was successful. This version appeared after the submission
of my bug report.

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