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Bug#386228: libgcj7-0 (and by extension libgcj7) packaged such that conflicts are inevitable

Package: libgcj7-0
Severity: important
Version: 4.1.1-13

libgcj7-0 (and by extension libgcj7) are packaged such that any soname
increment will result in the old versions of libgcj no longer being
installable unless the gcj version is also incremented.


usr/share/doc/gcj-4.1-base/NEWS.gz			    libs/libgcj7,libs/libgcj7-0
usr/share/doc/gcj-4.1-base/README			    libs/libgcj7,libs/libgcj7-0
usr/share/doc/gcj-4.1-base/THANKS.gz			    libs/libgcj7,libs/libgcj7-0

should be stuck in the gcj-4.1-base package (or renamed to include the
soname if they really must be in the library package)


usr/lib/gcj-4.1/libgjsmalsa.la				    libs/libgcj7,libs/libgcj7-0

should (most likely) be in libgcj7-dev instead since it's only any use
when you're using libtool to link.

Don Armstrong

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