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Bug#367709: requesting libstdc++ .udeb in order to produce c++ based images based on d-i technology (but not d-i).

reassign 367709 tech-ctte

> After some more discussion on IRC, we noticed that there are different
> interpretations of what the gcc maintainers supposed to have said. For
> this reason, I'm re-assigning this bug report to also gcc-4.0.
> Matthias, is there any decision from you whether to add an libstdc++
> udeb or not, and if so, which? Please reassign this bug report back to
> the tech ctte until there happens to be a decision everyone is happy
> with. Sorry for troubling you, and thanks for your help.

I would like to avoid building libgcc1, libgcc2, libgcc4, libstdc++6
packages if possible. An alternative possibility to build these could
be a separate source package b-d on gcc-4.1-source, as currently done
by gcj-4.1 and several cross compiler setups.


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