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Bug#377012: Having gcc-4.1 conflict, replace and provide libssp0-dev breaks cross compilers

Package: gcc-4.1
Version: 4.1.1-7
Severity: important


Since gcc-4.1 (the system gcc) provides libssp0-dev, this makes a
cross compiler (which is also trying to provide it) uninstallable
along side it. e.g.

ianw@jj:/tmp/cross$ sudo dpkg -i gcc-4.1-ia64-linux-gnu_4.1.1-7_i386.deb
dpkg: regarding gcc-4.1-ia64-linux-gnu_4.1.1-7_i386.deb containing gcc-4.1-ia64-linux-gnu:
 gcc-4.1-ia64-linux-gnu conflicts with libssp0-dev
  gcc-4.1 provides libssp0-dev and is installed.
dpkg: error processing gcc-4.1-ia64-linux-gnu_4.1.1-7_i386.deb (--install):
 conflicting packages - not installing gcc-4.1-ia64-linux-gnu

So you end up having to choose.  I'm pondering the best way around
this, any suggestions?


-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (1, 'experimental')
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Shell:  /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash
Kernel: Linux 2.6.17
Locale: LANG=en_AU, LC_CTYPE=en_AU (charmap=ISO-8859-1)

Versions of packages gcc-4.1 depends on:
ii  binutils                      2.17-1     The GNU assembler, linker and bina
ii  cpp-4.1                       4.1.1-7    The GNU C preprocessor
ii  gcc-4.1-base                  4.1.1-7    The GNU Compiler Collection (base 
ii  libc6                         2.3.6-15   GNU C Library: Shared libraries
ii  libgcc1                       1:4.1.1-7  GCC support library
ii  libssp0                       4.1.1-7    GCC stack smashing protection libr

Versions of packages gcc-4.1 recommends:
ii  libc6-dev                     2.3.6-15   GNU C Library: Development Librari
pn  libmudflap0-dev               <none>     (no description available)

-- no debconf information

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