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Bug#341331: FTBFS for cross compilation

> Wartan Hachaturow writes:
> > On 5/29/06, Nikita V. Youshchenko <yoush@debian.org> wrote:
> > > Maybe better to set up BTS pseudo-package for cross-toolchain
> > > related problems, with all mail forwarded to debian-embedded@, and
> > > reassign all related bugs there?
> >
> > I second this -- it would be much easier for us to manage then.
> > Regarding the bug itself: we will get back to this issue once all of
> > the cross-compilation patches would be updated in both 4.x and 3.4
> > (should happen
> > more or less soon).
> no need to second this. please just subscribe to debian-gcc.

Are you serious about that reading debian-gcc, where <1% of messages is 
related to cross stuff, is effective way to handle situation where cross 
stuff is being poorly maintained because of lack of manpower?..

IMHO even current situation, when you manually forward related issues, is 
more effective.


I have been subscribed to both -gcc and -glibc, and read those time to 
time, but since traffic of those lists is relatively high, and absolute 
majority of messages there are not of my interest, I stopped reading 

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