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[Bug tree-optimization/26763] [4.1 Regression] wrong final value of induction variable calculated

------- Comment #3 from rakdver at gcc dot gnu dot org  2006-03-27 22:33 -------
(gdb) call debug_generic_stmt (ret)
startD.1278_2 + -3B > startD.1278_2 + 396B;

(gdb) call debug_generic_stmt (fold (ret))

I guess the reasoning of fold is: it is pointer arithmetics, so it
does not wrap.  (-3B) = (0xfff...7) > 396B, so the result is always true.

4.0 does not have final value replacement, and 4.2 has different # of
iterations analysis; but most likely some similar problem is latent in both



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