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Bug#355439: gcc-4.0-base: Debian changelog and copyright lost after upgrade

Matthias Klose wrote:
reassign 355439 gcc-4.0-base

Sven Joachim writes:

reassign 355439 libgcc1

Reassigning this to libgcc1, since I found out this package
(and lib64gcc1) at fault (see my previous message).

no, the file is missing in gcc-4.0-base.

Huh? The gcc-4.0-base package _does_ contain the files, they only
got deleted by the unlucky upgrade process of the lib{,64}gcc1
packages, as I had tried to explain.

it will be fixed when gcc-4.1
is uploaded to unstable.

At the moment I don't see how you're going to accomplish that,
since there is the danger that upgrading from version 4.0.2-9
will delete the copyright/changelog files (then living in
/usr/share/doc/gcc-4.1-base !) the same way as they did it for me.
But maybe some magic in the preinst scripts can avoid that.


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