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Re: GCC 4.1 in experimental / GCC for etch

Aurelien Jarno writes:
> The GCC website seems to be down currently, could you please tell us 
> when the release are expected?

as usually: when its ready. maybe in February.

> > - Stop building compiler packages from the GCC 3.3 source; the only
> >   packages built will be libstdc++5 (and libgcc1 on hppa/m68k).
> AFAIK the 2.4 kernels in Debian are built with gcc-3.3. What are the 
> plans wrt to them?

do we still plan to ship with 2.4 kernels?

> I think compilers are critical for the glibc, so we will have to 
> coordinate the changes.

IMO glibc should stop using the default compiler and use the most
recent one, which works for an architecture. same thing what probably
the kernel does on some architectures.


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