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[Bug libstdc++/19664] libstdc++ headers should have pop/push of the visibility around the declarations

------- Comment #73 from pcarlini at suse dot de  2005-10-24 09:14 -------
(In reply to comment #72)
> why is it pointless? just because it doesn't work on some target architectures
> doesn't mean it doesn't work on most main archs. 

Are you really, really, sure that without patching the middle-end at all, only
changing the libstdc++-v3 headers benefits some targets without any side
effects? I'm not at all, given this tangle. Really, we want someone to work
seriously on
the various serious outstanding bugs of the machinery, please if you consider
it useful in principle for your project ask the maintainers and the
compiler people to work on it, I tried, but I failed, by and large.



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