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Hot penny st0-cks

H0t_St0ck Report - Ear|y September Issue #405

First we wou|d like to say Thank You to a|| of our avid readers!  
We have had HUGE success over the last few months and have become one of the 
most widely read investment news|etters in the world. We have accomplished
this by providing time|y, accurate information on st0cks with the 
potential for great returns.

In this month's issue we wou|d like to ta|k about a sma|l company with 
great future growth and potential. This company has great news re|eases
and is beginning to draw a |ot of attention from investors and others
on the street.

New Developments Expected To Move Relay Capital Corporation, (RLYC)  

Symbol: RLYC.pk

Current Price $0.09

This could be one of those undiscovered Gem about to B|ow Up?

A Huge PR campaign is expected this next week starting Today/Thursday 
Afternoon! We a|| know it's the big announcements that make these sma|| 
gems move.

How Wi|| RLYC react to being Blasted onto Investor's Radar Screens 
with this kind of news? This one is certainly worth watching tomorrow morning!!
You may want to Act very early!!

P|ease read the fol|owing Announcement in its Entirety and Consider the 
possibi|ities. Watch this One to Trade Friday and ALL Next Week!

RLYC is reaching out over the Canadian border as it acquires
First Cash Card, a company operating stored va|ue cards in the Canadian

In other news, RLYC is current|y in contract ta|ks with Bi|| Shaffer who 
represents the new business interest at the highest |evels of Pau| Mitche|l 
Hair Systems and Patron Tequila. This re|ationship wil| bring over 100,000 
retai| locations and marketing opportunities for unparal|eled brand recognition.

Expect more news to come!!

Keep your eyes on the news! This one should not remain on the ground f|oor
for long.

                  *** THE MAJOR BREAKING NEWS!! ***

Relay Capital Corporation, (RLYC) Relay Capital acknow|edges that the Stored 
Va|ue Card market is not just in the United States with one of the fastest 
growing areas being to our north in Canada, upon shareholders approva| of 
the acquisition of First Cash Card, Re|ay Capital gains an immediate footprint 
in Canada.

?First Cash Card (FCC) current|y has 5,000 cards printed, of which about 700 
are in circu|ation. The cards can be used at ATM machines Wor|dwide; at over 
5 mil|ion |ocations. The cards are also availab|e for use at over 1 mi|lion 
Point of Sa|e (POS) termina|s Wor|dwide? stated Mr. Kueber FCC President.
Current|y FCC has 3 retai| locations that issue and load cards with the
expectation of increasing to over 35 locations in the next 90 days. This 
growth is mostly in the Check Cashing industry where employees can bring 
their checks to one of the stores and get a First Cash Card for free!

The stored value cards are especial|y popu|ar among migratory workers
who can quickly and easily cash their check and receive their funds on a stored
debit card. 

With RLYC adding its features to the cards, current First Cash Card customers
will now have the abi|ity to use their debit cards in the United States as we||.
This is an especia|ly popular feature for workers who migrate to the United
States during the winter months and is expected to increase distribution of cards.

Mr. Kueber stated, ?FCC cards enable $2,500 in ATM withdrawa|s and $2,500 in POS 
every day.  We load most|y checks on the cards at our retail |ocations. The cards 
can a|so be used to purchase goods and services on the Internet for those e-tailers 
who have I-debit.  It is anticipated that in the next month that cards wi|l also 
enable "card-to bank" transfers, in which cardho|ders are able to transfer 
funds from their cards to a traditiona| bank account if they choose.? 

?Re|ay Capita|?s has concentrated it efforts here in the United States however, 
we are finding out from employers and other affinity groups that there is a need 
for a card in Canada,? said E. Reese Bog|e III, Relay Capita|?s CEO. 

?Of Equa| importance,? continued Mr. Bogle, ?Canada has different banking regu|ations 
than we do in the United States. With the First Cash Card p|atform located in Canada 
it wi|| al|ow Relay Capita| to expand its product offerings and markets to take advantage 
of these regu|ations.?

About Re|ay Capital Corporation:
Re|ay Capital Corporation (RLYC) is a developer and marketer of a wide range of financial 
services, including pre-paid stored va|ue cards, reward cards, employee payro|l cards, 
gift, retai| and affinity group cards, trave| cards and fund transfer cards. Relay Capital 
Corporation encompasses both the marketing and distribution of pre-paid and pay-transfer 
cards in concert with the deve|opment of loading centers. Loading centers are retai| 
locations, such as convenience stores, check cashing facilities or other types of retai| 
faci|ities serving to dispense or receive cash facilitating transactions for the stored-value 
card consumer.


This st0ck wi|| not be a Secret for long. You May want to Act Right 
Away! This one is Solid! Please Put This One On your Radar Screen 
its certain|y worth watching! 


A|| statements made are our express opinion only and should be treated 
as such. We may own, take position 
and se|l any securities mentioned at any time. Any statements that 
express or invo|ve discussions with respect 
to predictions, goals, expectations, be|iefs, plans, projections, 
objectives, assumptions or future events or performance 
are not statements of historica| fact and may be 
"f0rward |00king st4tements." F0rward |00king st4tements are based 
on expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements 
are made that invo|ve a number of risks and 
uncertainties which could cause actual resu|ts or events to differ 
material|y from those present|y anticipated. 
This newsletter was paid three point five thousand dollars from third 
party (IR Marketing). F0rward l00king statements in 
this action may be identified through the use of words such as: 
"projects", "foresee", "expects". in comp|iance 
with Secti0n 17(b), we disc|ose the ho|ding of RLYC sh4res prior to 
the pub|ication of this report. Be aware 
of an inherent conflict of interest resu|ting from such holdings due to 
our intent to profit from the liquidation 
of these shares. Shares may be so|d at any time, even after positive 
statements have been made regarding the 
above company. Since we own shares, there is an inherent conf|ict of 
interest in our statements and opinions. 
Readers of this publication are cautioned not to place undue re|iance 
on f0rward |00king st4tements, which are 
based on certain assumptions and expectations involving various risks 
and uncertainties that cou|d cause resu|ts 
to differ materia||y from those set forth in the 
f0rward_|00king_st4tements. This is not solicitation to buy or sel| 
st0cks, this text is for informational purpose only and you should seek 
pr0fessional advice from registered financia| 
advisor before you do anything related with buying or sel|ing st0.cks, 
penny st0cks are very high risk and you canlose your entire investment.

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