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Bug#327411: libgcj6-dev: execution of java program compiled with --static fails in gnu.regexp init

Package: libgcj6-dev
Version: 4.0.1-2
Severity: normal


When I compile a java program with gcj-4.0, and I link the resulting
object code with --static, the resulting large static executable fails
to execute with the following exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
   at java.lang.Class.initializeClass() (Unknown Source)
      at gnu.regexp.RE.getLocalizedMessage(java.lang.String) (Unknown
(some dozen more stack trace entries)

Caused by: java.util.MissingResourceException: Bundle gnu/regexp/MessagesBundlenot found
   at java.util.ResourceBundle.getBundle(java.lang.String, java.util.Locale, java.lang.ClassLoader) (Unknown Source)
   at java.util.ResourceBundle.getBundle(java.lang.String, java.util.Locale) (Unknown Source)
   at gnu.regexp.RE.<clinit>() (Unknown Source)
   at java.lang.Class.initializeClass() (Unknown Source)
   ...14 more

I don't know a full solution because I haven't really looked at the
structure of libgcj6. However, I found a workaround which might help you
find the source of the bug:

I downloaded GNU classpath and extracted gnu/regexp/MessagesBundle.properties 
in the directory where my profiling executable is (well actually in a
subdirectory gnu/regexp), and then it Just Works(tm). 

Therefore, I think this file is not properly included in some part of
libgcj6 (probably to do with gnu.regexp).
The problem doesn't occur when I compile a dynamic java executable, in 
other words when I don't use --static

Apologies for the mishmash in installed gcj version numbers :-)

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 3.1
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Kernel: Linux 2.4.27

Versions of packages libgcj6-dev depends on:
ii  gcj-4.0                4.0.1-2           The GNU compiler for Java(TM)
ii  libc6-dev              2.3.2.ds1-22      GNU C Library: Development Librari
ii  libgcj6                4.0.1-2           Java runtime library for use with 
ii  libgcj6-awt            4.0.1-2           AWT peer runtime libraries for use
ii  libgcj6-common         4.0.1-2           Java runtime library for use with 
ii  zlib1g-dev             1:1.2.2-4.sarge.1 compression library - development

-- no debconf information

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