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[Bug target/23711] [4.1 regression] [s390] bootstrap error in libjava (ICE in fixup_eh_region_note)

------- Additional Comments From pinskia at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-09-06 01:48 -------
Reduced testcase:
extern "Java" {
  namespace java   {
    namespace lang     {
      class Class;
      class Throwable;
typedef class java::lang::Class* jclass;
typedef class java::lang::Throwable* jthrowable;
typedef struct _Jv_JNIEnv JNIEnv;
struct _Jv_JNIEnv {
  jthrowable ex;
class java::lang::Throwable {
  static ::java::lang::Class class$;
void f(void);
void g (JNIEnv *env)
  try     {
  catch (jthrowable t)     {
    env->ex = t;

But I think we have a C++ or exand bug:
<bb 0>:
  f ();
  goto <bb 2> (<L1>);

  D.1724 = (struct Throwable * *) <<<exception object>>>;
  env->ex = *(D.1724 - 4);

that is what we get.
notice how the load/store is in the same BB which means the load is marked as NO_THROW.



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