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Re: Processed: libgcj6-awt: [GtkImage] assertion failed in compiled code

Hi Matthias,

Il giorno ven, 02/09/2005 alle 12.29 +0200, Matthias Klose ha scritto:
> please note, this is _not_ an upstream bug, the gtk peers in Debian
> are updated from CVS. please mention this in the upstream report.

I did not open the upstream bug, but I found it there, so I just added
the 'forwarded' tag as reference.

>From what you say, it seems the bug will be solved whenever a new gcc
debian package will be released (including a new cvs dump).

gcc 4.0.1-6 still contains the error. This is from CVS 20050821.
Upstream says he cannot reproduce it using CVS 20050821.

So, I look forward a new debian package to see if the bug, using a new
CVS snapshot, will be fixed.

Thanks for your working on gcc,

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