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Bug#319255: Bug #319255: gcc-4.0: Please include Fix for GCC Bug 22278

>> GCC bug http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=22278 causes problems
>> for the X.Org X server. We currently have a work around in place for the
>> most noticeable issues, but code potentially displaying this problem is
>> scattered throughout the X.Org codebase, particularly in different video
>> drivers. If you would be so kind as to backport the patch in the bug above,
>> we could re-build X.Org and avoid these problems. Thank you!
>pending, waiting for the current package to enter testing.

Does that mean the fix is in the current package, and it just needs to enter 
testing?  Or that the current package has to enter testing, and then you'll 
add it to the *next* version of the package?

It's worth noting that this bug is quite likely to bite things other than X 
Windows; anything which messes with truly volatile memory is potentially 
affected.  It's very desirable to get this in as soon as possible to limit 
the number of miscompiled packages.  The silent miscompilations may be quite 
hard to detect and track down.

I strongly recommend incorporating this change in gcc-4.0 ASAP and uploading 
it high-priority.  It's a lot more serious than the "wishlist" priority 

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