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Re: Bug#317501: amd64-libs-dev conflicts with linux-kernel-headers

> Nikita V. Youshchenko writes:
> > > so we can start converting the packages you
> > > mentioned to biarch.
> >
> > Oh, please do!
> > This at last will make it possible to build biarch gcc cross compiler
> > package for x86 target in the debian way (i.e. using current
> > dpkg-cross-based approach).
> I'm not sure, if I understand the "Debian way" of doing cross compiler
> biarch builds.

By the "Debian way" of building cross-compilers, I mean the cross target in 
the debian gcc source packages, that I've maintaned for some time (this 
job was somewhat suspended for some months, but now I hope it will be 
completely resumed). These are now accepted as the default toolchain by 
debian-embedded people.

The problem with x86-amd64 biarch is (was?) that header file diversions of 
amd-64-libs are completely incompatable with dpkg-cross. When I discovered 
that, I decided to give up and wait - at that time, there have been some 
talks about implementing multiarch support in debian; I hoped that this 
will make base library packages cleaner, so dpkg-cross'ing them will not 
cause problems.

Now it looks clear that multiarch support is not going to be done.
However, the above posting I replied two looked as an alternative chance to 
get dpkg-cross'able 64bit libc packages on x86. If this will be done, I 
expect i486 target could by fixed easilly - so things like ppc-hosted 
biarch-x86-targetted cross-compiler package will be built ok.

I've recently seen several uploads of binutils package by you. If you are 
going to be (co)maintainer of binutils in Debian, could you please help to 
include cross-binutils-buiding patches into official package? Raphael 
Bossek and I have are updating those periodically inside #231707, and 
debian-embedded people are using the results of these patches, but we 
never got any sensible reply from binutils maintainer(s). If it is 
possible to get any progress here, I will post updated cross-binutils 
patch for 2.16 ASAP.

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