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Bug#315021: gcc-3.3: ICE compiling Linux 2.6.12 x86 using kernel-package

tags 315021 + moreinfo

Pete de Zwart <dezwart@gpats.com.au> writes:

> gcc got a SEGV when compiling the source tree of Linux 2.6.12 with
> `make-kpkg kernel-image`

Well, it seems to work for other people, so it seems highly likely
it's a problem with your hardware. Is it always exactly the same spot
where it segfaults? Even when rebooting and starting from scratch?

> I have been able to reproduce the problem multiple times, and have
> also attempted at getting the temporary files are requested in the
> README.Bugs file, using the -save-temps option, but no temporary
> files were ever created for the error.

How did you invoke the compiler? If you see

> include/linux/prefetch.h: In function `prefetch_range':

then there really, really should be a .i file.  Without the .i file,
we cannot do anything.


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