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[Bug libstdc++/13943] call of overloaded `llabs(int)' is ambiguous

------- Additional Comments From g_bugz at zewt dot org  2005-05-21 23:26 -------
(Awesome.  I spend ten minutes typing out a response, the tracker goes "you 
can't do that!", and I lose it all.  Only Debian gets their tracker right ...)

(Very old response, since the fact that this was closed was just forwarded to 
me through Debian earlier today.)

I believe the merge with 13924 was in error; it talks about partial 
definitions, which is unrelated to this problem (which does not go away if 
<cmath> is also included).  In this test case, abs() and labs() work fine; only 
llabs() (and, I think, other C99 math functions, eg. lldiv) fails.



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