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Problem with cpp 3.3.5


First off, I apologize of this is not the appropriate way to contact you
for a problem. Googling around and asking on IRC did not help.

My problem: I have three Dell PE1850 systems wich all run Debian
Last-update-dates differ bij a few (two) weeks. The first system has 
cpp-3.3 3.3.4 installed and has no problem compiling MM5-TERRAIN [1].

The second system is the same as the first and also has no problem

The third system was installed later than the first two and has
cpp-3.3 3.3.5 installed. It fails on executing "cut -c1-72 ia.F |
/lib/cpp -I. -C -traditional -DNCARG -DRECLENBYTE -DSGI  > ia.f"
with the error "cc1: internal compiler error: in ten_to_ptwo,
at real.c:<linenumber>"

I tried searching the net for a 3.3.4 version, but it was only
available as deb-src.
So I tried compiling this on the 3.3.5 system, which failed. It worked
however on one of the 3.3.4 systems. Both systems needed some
additional software though (includng gnats-3.3). The problem persisted
in the self-compiled 3.3.4, which I installed on the third system.

I am out of options, except for rsync-ing the working system to the bad.
Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Tips, hints, pointers, anything?

Thanks in advance!


[1] <http://www.weer.nl/temp/RobJE/TERRAIN.TAR>
Home is near Enter. ((c) RonA)
Tel:    +31 - 317 - 399800                  s-mail: P.O. box 617
Fax:    +31 - 317 - 423164                          6700 AP Wageningen
MailTo: r.epping@weer.nl                       WWW: http://www.weer.nl/

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