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Bug#292961: g++-3.3: g++ -- vastly uninformative error message

Which seems like an acceptable error message. Unfortunately, it is
rather likely that this gets fixed in 3.3, too.

How about this variant that defines inverse() ?

$ g++ -c bug.c
bug.c: In function `void c_area(const xform_split&, const box&, const box&)':
bug.c:32: error: parse error before `,' token

class ltransform {

class   box {
        box insidebox() const;

class parallelogram {
        parallelogram(const ltransform& b, const box& x);
        box insidebox() const;

box inverse_image(const box& db1, const ltransform& fwd);

ltransform inverse(const ltransform& x);

struct xform_split      {
        ltransform fwd;
        ltransform back;

void c_area(const xform_split &xf, const box& databox0, const box& databox1)
 const box box0inOUTin(
        parallelogram(inverse(xf.back), databox0).insidebox());
 const box lc(inverse_image(databox1, xf.fwd));

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