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Bug#288739: gcc optimization bug

Well this means that all debian 3.0 packages which have been compiled w/ gcc 2.95 might contain serious integer overflow problems regardless one thinks he does secure programming.


Falk Hueffner wrote:
Marco Fabbricatore <mfabb@dword.de>, 288739@bugs.debian.org schrieb am 05.01.05 14:08:32:

Package: gcc
Version: 2.95.4 20011002

following function compiled w/ gcc -O

int foo(unsigned int a)
   if(a * sizeof(int) / sizeof(int) != a)
      return -1;
   return 0;

gcc optimizes the arithmetic overflow check away!

Indeed. This is fixed in the 3.x series. I suggest upgrading, since it seems unlikely
that somebody will find and backport the fix...


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