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Re: Apt-get gcc not working??

Michael Satterwhite writes:
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> On Friday 20 August 2004 09:07, you wrote:
> > Michael Satterwhite writes:
> > > The compiler installed by apt is not usable. When I execute it, I get the
> > > message back telling me that cc1plus can't be executed as it can't be
> > > found. It seems to me that apt *SHOULD* have installed the missing
> > > dependency - whatever it is. Doing an "apt-cache search" on cc1plus
> > > returns nothing, so I can't even add the missing package.
> >
> > you get what you ask for. please install g++.
> I found that on the web. I installed g++ yesterday - still get the error. 

which error? what does dpkg -l g++ say?

> Question: If g++ is required to run gcc, then shouldn't apt have recognized 
> the dependency and installed it?

why is a C compiler required to compile C++ code?

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