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Re: *-linux test results for 3.3 branch (Debian)

Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

| These are results from the current Debian builds (slightly differing
| from the gcc-3.3.4 prerelease tarball), compared to the Debian build
| of the gcc-3.3.3 release.

Thanks for your report.

Do you know in which ways they differ?

| - s390-linux shows a bootstrap comparision failure

Your testruns for 3.3.4-pre (20040516) do not show such differences.


| - mips{,el}-linux shows two additional C++ failures


| mips-linux, mipsel-linux:
|     g++:
| +FAIL: g++.abi/ptrflags.C (test for excess errors)

What is the error message?

| +FAIL: g++.eh/catchptr1.C  Execution test

-- Gaby

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