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Re: gcc-3.4 to unstable for amd64?

* Kurt Roeckx (Q@ping.be) wrote:
> I've uploaded a new version of gcc-3.4 to alioth.  It's currently
> still in experimental.
> Since gcc 3.4 includes much better support for amd64 than 3.3 we
> would like to see it go to unstable.  Some people would like to
> see it in unstable on alioth even if it's not yet put in
> unstable.
> What is stopping us from putting it in unstable?
> Should I upload it to unstable on alioth?

As I understand it, from the amd64 side we really don't want to get
ahead of unstable because it makes things much more difficult later to
get things into the archive if we actually get space on the mirrors...
I'm not 100% sure though, John Goerzen knows more about that.


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