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Re: Next C++ transition

Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org> writes:

>> The soname of libstdc++ changed upstream from 3.3. and 3.4, and the
>> compiler implements a somewhat different flavor of C++ (it's much
>> closer to the standard now).
> However, with symbol versioning and shared libgcc implemented in both
> 3.3 and 3.4, I don't think a transition is actually necessary - I
> believe things will work OK with both versions linked in.  For most
> architectures, at least.
> Do you have some reason to think this is wrong?

I don't think this will work in general because a DSO might expose the
layout of objects provided by the standard library in its public
interface.  That's part of the reason why I think that symbol
versioning is way overrated in some circles. 8-)

However, if the library just exports a C API, it should be okay.

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