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[Bug c/6614] [-Wconversion] incorrect conversion warning for function taking a short

------- Additional Comments From jsm at polyomino dot org dot uk  2004-04-27 14:44 -------
Subject: Re:  [-Wconversion] incorrect conversion warning for
 function taking a short

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, falk at debian dot org wrote:

> No, the message really means what it says. This warning was designed for people
> who also use compilers which do not support prototypes. Nowadays, it is very 
> unlikely to be useful for anybody; IMHO we might as well remove it.

My proposal has been to usurp the option name for "warn for any implicit
conversion that may change a value", which would at least have uses (e.g.  
catching some signed/unsigned security issues); and I don't care much
about whether the other existing warnings remain available under
-Wconversion-traditional.  Implementing this has however never been a



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