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RE: Question

Dear Valued Customer,

This email is an automated response to your e-mail.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your online shopping needs.  Please
refer below to the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), which will most
likely answer the question you just sent us.  

If your question is not covered by this FAQ, we will send a personalized
response to you within 2 business days addressing your specific needs. 

Thank you for shopping at www.platinum-deal.com.  

Q. What are your shipping Methods and when can I expect to receive my order?

A.  Most products are shipped First Class Mail via USPS.  US orders are
processed within two days and you should expect to receive your order within
7-10 business days from your purchase date.  International shipping varies
by destination, but can take up to one month to arrive. 

Q.  I don't know why my credit card statement says I ordered from

A.  You may have purchased Norton SystemWorks, TaxACT, IBM ViaVoice or one
of our many other products.   Visit www.platinum-deal.com to see a complete
list.  All purchases will cause www.platinum-deal.com to appear on your

Q.  Credit card processing errors.  How can I insure my credit card goes
through?  Was I charged multiple times?

A.  To insure your order is accepted, please make sure the billing address
you enter, matches the exact address on the credit card statement for your
credit card    Our systems are set-up to ensure multiple charges do not
occur, but if you see multiple charges on your statement, please contact us
at info@platinum-deal.com.

Q.  Do you accept returns?

A.  You may return most items sold by Platinum-deal.com within 30 days of
purchase for a full credit. However, some of our products have return
restrictions.  For our full return policy please visit

Q.  I have a question about a particular product. Where can I find the

A.  Please go to www.platinum-deal.com for links to each product we
currently sell.  These pages include system requirements for our software
products, specific product details, pricing and more. If after reviewing the
specific product page your question remains unanswered, please contact us at

Thank you again for allowing www.platinum-deals.com to assist you with your
shopping needs.  We hope this list of questions and answers has helped you.
However, if it is apparent from the original email we received from you that
these FAQ's will not help you, you can expect to receive an individual
e-mail addressing your specific needs within 2 business days. 

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Customer Service Dept.

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