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Bug#236291: Processed: reassigning to gcc-3.3

Hi Falk,

I am sorry, but I can't! If you take a look at the bug report (second or third posting) you will find the .c file whose compilation apparently (gcc-3.3 -c ) segfaults on the buildd hppa box.

Nevertheless I am unable to reproduce this on my own, since it appears only to happen on the buildd hppa box (I don't have access to). All other hppa boxes I got managed to test this seem to be OK. But this bug always appears when building the mozilla-thunderbird package on the buildd.

Maybe you can get access to the hppa buildd box to reproduce this. If you get access to it simply try to build the mozilla-thunderbird package the usual way. You will see the segfault during configure (quite fast).

checking whether ld has archive extraction flags... yes
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking for working const... ./configure: line 10278:  5022 Segmentation fault      ( eval $ac_compile ) 2>&5
checking for mode_t... yes

the conftest.c file is in the bug report!! But I cannot guarantee that this error will occur if compilation is tried separated from the configure! If you need further informations, I will gladly help you!


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