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Bug#225039: can't build pine-4.58 on sparc; "incompatible ssl libraries" (fwd)

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Matthias Klose wrote:

> reassign 225039 pine
> thanks
> It's not a bug. By default it is trying to build 64-bit, so it isn't
> working.
> Either prepend "sparc32" to the command, or touch /etc/disable_64_gcc.

I don't fully understand, could you please elaborate?

Why should someone do something special in order for things to work?
Why does gcc not ship /etc/disable_64_gcc by default?
If it's not a bug, why do you reassign it to pine instead of closing it?
In which way it is a "pine non-bug" more than a "gcc non-bug"?
How many packages are expected to fail in the same way?
What makes pine special so that it fails but the other packages don't?

(Please note that those are *not* rethorical questions, I think they
reflect accurately the type of information I would like to have to
understand this bug).

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