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Bug#210716: jython causes kaffe to fail with assert error

Ben Burton writes:
> Hi.
> > please could you provide a reduced testcase and/or name the file
> > beeing miscompiled?
> This might or might not be an easy thing, and I'm about to leave for two
> weeks where I will quite probably be down to email and nothing more.  So
> I can do this but it might be some time.
> > what's the status using gcc-3.2 and gcc-snapshot regarding the
> > miscompilation?
> I'll look into this also - I'm installing gcc-snapshot before I leave.
> Any suggestions as to where I might get some gcj-3.2 packages to take
> with me?

hmm, I do have them installed, but no more packages ... the easiest
way may be to rebuild the packages from source (and reenable java in
debian/rules.defs again).


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