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Bug#221282: /usr/bin/gcc: sparc wrapper is annoying

> Actually, it works just like it is supposed to work. That may not be the
> same as in the past, but it's the way it should be. Granted the surprise
> is something the users will have to adjust to, but that doesn't mean
> things shouldn't work properly.
> On a 64-bit machine, one should expect to get 64-bit binaries by
> default. Users have always complained about that. Now that sparc64 is
> moving into a working state, that reality will happen and become the
> norm.

Ignoring the fact that gcc gives me 32-bit binaries by default on every
bi-arch system I've ever seen, you're not wrapping binutils, so, poor
naive programs expecting consistency between gcc and ld are SOL.
I'm not saying this isn't your intention.  I'm saying I want a
convenient way to permanently disable this on every sparc64 system I

I imagine that I will also want to disable this on x86-64 and s390x if
this wrapper migrates there.

Should I ITP a diversion package?

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