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Reopen 172031 (not fixed)

reopen 172031

It is not acceptable to close this bug under these terms.  First off,
the source code *is* available (try 'apt-get source nbio').  Second off,
the detailed test case provided with the initial bug report still
results in a failure.  The bug has not been fixed and is reproducible.

Besides that, it doesn't matter that NIO has been merged into libjava in
recent gcc-snapshot packages.  I didn't submit this bug because I needed
NIO functionality.  I submitted it because this code obviously stresses
the toolset.

I would have been (and would still be) happy to do additional research
if you can let me know what you and/or the GCC developers need from me
over and above the test case I provided with the original bug report.


Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

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