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[Bug c++/11713] [3.3/3.4 regression] c++ parser error

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------- Additional Comments From steven at gcc dot gnu dot org  2003-07-30 12:03 -------

It appears that your patch:

2003-06-17  Mark Mitchell  <mark@codesourcery.com>

      PR c++/11105
      * cp-tree.h (DECL_CONV_FN_TYPE): New method.
      * decl.c (lookup_name_real): Backport conversion operator code
      from mainline.
      * mangle.c (struct globals): Remove internal_mangling_p.
      (write_unqualified_name): Use DECL_CONV_FN_TYPE.
      (write_template_parm): Don't write out the level number.
      (conv_type_names): New variable.
      (hash_type): New function.
      (compare_type): Likewise.
      (mangle_conv_op_name_for_type): Don't try to mangle conversion
      operator names.
      * search.c (lookup_conversion_operator): New function.
      (lookup_fnfields_1): Use it.

has introduced this rejects-valid regression on the branch and mainline.

This is a regression from 3.3.0, so this really should be fixed before 3.3.1
goes out.  Hope it can be done.

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