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Bug#202762: gcc-3.3: fails to compile kernel 2.4.22-pre8 on alpha

Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

> your claims are as accurate as your bug reports.
>   * Make gcc-3.3 the default C compiler (Thu, 15 May 2003 20:46:56 +0200)
>   * Bump sparc back down to 3.2 (Wed,  4 Jun 2003 11:39:53 -0400)

gcc-3.2-pre broke at the beginning of 2003 for compiling the kernel on
sparc32. it got fixed at some point along the way but debian switched
to gcc-3.3-pre even before there was a gcc-3.2 final. you are telling
me you managed to compile a working kernel on a sparc32 around let's
say april of this year?

> if you don't accept toolchain bugs, stay away from unstable and
> testing. if you want to help the projects, help with your time and
> knowledge.

we've had this discussion before (on may 2 to be precise), you little
twerp. i accept bugs in general (and i've been using unstable now for
about 8 years). i find it harder to deal with breaking _essential_
packages like gcc. got it?


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