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[Bug optimization/11366] [3.3 regression] miscompiles XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 key generation and/or validation in XFree86 at -O2

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------- Additional Comments From pme at gcc dot gnu dot org  2003-07-17 02:52 -------
Ideally, what we'd really need from the Debian team are:

1) the file that gets miscompiled, and
2) the -f flag which causes it

(1) is essential.  (2) would be nice but not crucial.  The "easy" way to
find (2) is to compile with "-fFOO" where FOO is one of the flags
turned on by -O2, as listed in the manual.  Iterate over the list until
you find the FOO that causes the breakage.  Building with "-O2 -fno-FOO"
should give you all the /other/ benefits as well as working code.

This goes much faster, of course, if you can identify (1), then you only
have to recompile that file.

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