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Re: Feature request: gcc should warn upon conversions ptrdiff_t -> int

On Thu, Jun 12, 2003 at 07:06:42AM +0200, Martin v. L?wis wrote:
> Phil Edwards <phil@jaj.com> writes:
> > > int foo(int *x, int *y)
> > > {
> > >      return x - y;
> > > }
> > 
> > There is no conversion to int.  foo* may be subtracted from foo* for any
> > type foo.  It's normal pointer arithmetic.  This code is fine.
> You are missing the point. The result of the subtraction is of type
> ptrdiff_t (which is fine), but then, on the return, that gets
> converted to int.

Oh, /return/ type.  Yes, I missed that; thanks for pointing it out.

I won't have access to a non-ILP32 system for a couple of weeks, but I'd
be willing to bet that on systems where ptrdiff_t is larger than int,
this code already elicts a warning, probably via -Wconversion.

For platforms where they are the same... eugh.  You'd like a warning on
constructs that "might" cause portability problems, but given that it's
just a typdef, all the semantic analysis routines will simply see two
identical types.  Implementing this would be hard.  Hmmm.


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