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Bug#193787: An attempt to document how to make a free GCC *source* tarball.

Nathanael Nerode writes:
> The GCC source tarball contains, well, a lot of things.

As a first step, I would like to see a build of GFDL free packages
from the upstream source, so you can easily change back.

> The following are 
> FDLed with invariant sections or cover texts and so non-free:
> Entire contents of INSTALL/

this is only the case for releases, not tarballs taken from the CVS.

> fastjar/fastjar.texi
> fastjar/fastjar.info
> fastjar/grepjar.1
> fastjar/jar.1

Interesting. As I did write these, I do have the right to relicense
and distribute them?

> Entire contents of libstdc++-v3/docs

no invariant sections here, "cover material only"

> Entire contents of gcc/doc 
> (EXCEPT install.texi2html and include/texinfo.tex, which aren't useful by 
> themselves)

not in the binary packages.

> gcc/java/gcj.texi
> gcc/java/gcj.info
> gcc/java/*.1 (8 files)

again, most of the java manual pages (the option sections in the
texinfo source, except gcj, maybe gij) are written by me.


> Accordingly I suggest that y'all delete all of the above, except
> possibly the libiberty manuals, from the FSF tarballs before putting
> it into the .orig for the next gcc-m.n source packages.

Thanks for volunteering! ;-)

> And then see what needs to be done to the > Debian diff to keep it
> building and installing. :-( Obviously the 'doc' > packages won't
> build, but probably tweaks will be needed to get the general > rules
> to work with the man pages missing.  Or new man pages stuffed in
> with > the diff, which might be simple and based on gcc --help
> et. al.  (Actually, > that might be easiest in terms of not messing
> with the installation rules; if > I knew nroff, I'd write them
> today, but I don't.)

already done. you may want to look at
http://ftp-master.debian.org/~doko/gcc-3.3/ for the current diffs. The
man pages currently are replaced by dummy man pages. In
debian/rules.defs there is a macro GFDL_INVARIANT_FREE. Maybe another
one (GFDL_COVER_FREE) is needed.

Anyway, I do not plan to enable these changes before we have an FAQ /
statement for the GFDL issues on the Debian webpages.

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